The Bright Side

Yesterday, we were promised a snowpocalypse from the weathermen…a storm that would bring us at least 5 inches of snow and surely close schools and businesses everywhere! I bought my extra gallons of milk and some snow day junk food to prepare. ;) I don’t think we got more than 3 centimeters of snow.

On the bright side…I’m at work and making money today, and I wasn’t worried about Andrew driving into work. :)


This morning, Jack pooped on the kitchen floor by the back door, two days after I mopped the whole kitchen, and making this his first time to ever poop in the house.

On the bright side…my floor smells even more like Lysol. ;) And at least he was trying to go outside – we just weren’t fast enough for the poor little thing, and we’ve yet to teach him how to open doors. (Side note – he is Super Snuggler as of late…we have come so far people!)


I haven’t worked out in two days, and it’s starting to make me anxious and feel gross.

On the bright side…I went six days in a row last week (new record haha) and we’re determined to make it to the gym tonight! I will defeat you, jiggle thighs.


Winter is still here. It’s cold. Not a fan.

On the bright side…I have more time to prepare for swimsuit season.


I haven’t had cookie cake in over two months. (PUT those judging eyes away.)

On the bright side…my birthday is in 17 days! Do you think they can craft a German shepherd out of icing? ;)

Happy Tuesday loves! Hope you’re trying to look on the bright side of things today too. ;)



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