Catching Up

It feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve blogged! I have so much to catch you up on, and so little time because I have to head to work! Here’s the quick version of what’s been happening lately, and I’ll update you on more later on.

We trekked out to Beaver’s Bend for our sweet friends Trevon & Jorden’s wedding this past weekend. I was still getting over my cold, but we had a wonderful time celebrating them, and I think the cuteness of our cabin cured me. ;)


Hubs looked so handsome in his groomsmen suit! ;)


Our cabin – “Riverdance”


This was the view from the back of our cabin’s deck…beautiful!


Before the wedding…promise I have a cute dress on, but it was cold. Haha.


We loved getting to hang out with our cutie friends Taylor & Reid! So excited for their wedding coming up in a couple months! :D


I know I was looking rough. I’ll look better at their reception this weekend. (Side note – I wasn’t sure if the beautiful bride wanted her dress seen yet since they’re having a bigger reception this weekend, so you’ll have to wait to see the pics of them. :) )


This weekend was our first night away from our Jackers, and we were total pansies. We’ve been smothering him with love ever since we got back. ;) Jack says thanks Grandma and Grandpa and Aunty Alyssa for taking care of me!



So many snuggles these days. I LOVE IT folks.


In other news…I’ve been on a cooking/baking fest since I’m now able to breathe and smell again. ;) I ordered some anchor chocolate molds that came in last week and made these last night…aren’t they adorable!?


And I perused Pinterest to find some breakfast casserole recipes and whipped up this baby this morning for Hubs! I’m not into eggs, so I’ve never really tried breakfast casseroles, but Andrew loved it!


Jack really seemed to like the smell too.


Dad. Give me that.


Happy Tuesday loves! :)



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