Recent Obsessions

The elliptical. I really like it. It’s my favorite thing at the gym now. I realize how ridiculous I look while on it, but it’s fun. :)

Netflix. This is really Andrew’s obsession, not mine. With the recent gift of Apple TV and Netflix from my parents for Christmas, Andrew and I have to fight for productivity. Every Frasier episode available with no commercials? Documentaries galore and Man vs. Wild? How can we say no?

Puppy snuggles. I adore that little ball of fluff. We nap often, and he’s a total rockstar now. I can’t believe the puppy who once was unable to sit still unless he was sleeping is now voluntarily snuggling. God is good. :)


Cooking. I’m not sure where my sudden Betty Crocker phase came from, but I like it! I’ve been Pinterest-ing and cooking up a storm. I really wish I wasn’t so picky, but I’m branching out ever so slightly. ;)

Pinterest. I doubt I’ll ever lose my love for Pinterest. What a splendid idea. Hats off, whoever invented it.


Health & Fitness. I am so excited to be well again this week and able to work out in the mornings! I’m immensely proud of Andrew going with me every day, and we are gonna be total babes come summertime. ;)

What are your recent obsessions?

Happy Thursday, folks. ;)



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