Food for Thought

Guys. I am in such a food-obsessed mood these past couple weeks. I originally thought it was because I wasn’t hungry when I got sick and missed all of my yummy foods, but now it’s getting ridiculous. I did get back down to wedding weight (HOORAY!), and now I’m pretty close to it since we’ve been working out every day, but I’m teetering back and forth because of all the deliciousness going around! ;)


Mom, Alyssa, Andrew, and I went to Zio’s Sunday after church…LOOK at this cheesy alfredo goodness. It was worth every carb.


Meet my cute friends from work, Jennifer and Micah. Yesterday, we had Pancake Tuesday at work…because Jen and Micah and Mom understand that pancakes make life better. ;)


Seriously, it was the best work day ever.


Mmhmm. :)


And last night after my shoot (WHICH was awesome and I’ll share pics soon), I came home and felt the need to make crispy cheddar chicken (pinned here).


Hubs said it was a winner winner chicken dinner. (I just chuckled out loud at my own joke.)

What have you been cooking lately? Someone please stand up and admit you’re as food-obsessed as I am. ;)




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