23 in Year 23

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. I can hardly believe I’ve been alive that long, and it freaks me out a little. My youth is FLEETING, folks. My tummy is rumbly if I don’t eat before 6:00, and I can hardly bear to stay up past 11 anymore. I’m desperately trying to make the most of every day of my 20s, but I’m already feeling old. ;)

I’ve seen a few other bloggers do these “birthday bucket lists,” and you guys know me. I love a list. I tried to pick reasonable (but still fun) goals…I’ll add them to a tab up top and cross them off as I finish them so I feel more accountable. :)

23 Things to Do While 23

1. Run a 5K.

2. Go to Colorado.

3. Build up a down payment fund for a house.

4. Volunteer.

5. Hit up the beach.

6. Watch a meteor shower.

7. Dallas trip. Hit up IKEA!

8. Randomly pay for someone’s dinner.

9. Keep eating healthy and working out every day possible.

10. Throw a super cute summer party.

11. Take a spontaneous road trip.

12. Go on a picnic.

13. Go to Sea World.

14. Best friend roadtrip.

15. Take Jackers hiking.

16. Have another best friends photo shoot. (Like this one.)

17. Save up for a big vacation for our 3-year anniversary.

18. Go horseback-riding.

19. Make a midnight trip to IHOP and consume all the carbs I want.

20. Go camping.

21. Explore Beaver’s Bend.

22. Play baseball.

23. Put $5 in a box every time I complete a task off this list and take Andrew out on a date with the money next year.

Any other suggestions? Or substitutions? I think most of the list is pretty do-able. We’ll see about that 5K. ;)

Tomorrow, I have breakfast with best friend, lunch with Hubs and possibly the zoo, and at some point in the day, I’ll be eating pizza. :) Welcome, birthday weekend. ;)


Oh, and here’s some Pinterest cheer. :)







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