The week after Spring Break can be difficult (even for those of us sad big kids with jobs who don’t have a real Spring Break…). Here are some things to make you feel better and de-stress. ;)

1. Fresh flowers.


Go to Homeland. Grab three of their 3 for $12 bunches of flowers. Make some arrangements. It instantly makes you feel happy. :)


And it makes your house smell nice and look fresh. ;)



2. Hit the road.


I know…not feasible for everyone, but if you didn’t have a Spring Break, take advantage the way Kristi and I did…take off work for a day and take a road trip with your best friend. (More pics to come tomorrow!)

3. Cook a delightful meal and savor it. 


This is my beloved cornbread chicken casserole…AKA my favorite chicken everrrrr. Cook your favorite meal, sit at the table (like they did in the olden days ;) haha) and enjoy your masterpiece. Bonus points if you eat at the table with your husband/family and talk about your days. ;)

4. Watch the sunset. 


If you don’t live in Oklahoma, I’m sorry. But surely you can still enjoy the sunset. :)

5. Snuggle.


Dogs…people…stuffed animals…all things snuggly are good.

6. If all else fails…eat some cookie cake.


But seriously.

Happy Thursday!



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