You know that feeling you get when you go through your old Facebook photos? You cringe, sigh, and delete like a madwoman? Yeah. I feel your pain. Except I have a feeling my awkward phase was twice as long as yours and twice as embarrassing. ;-P

Today, I am celebrating change. I’ve been working hard, and it’s paid off. I’ve been cranking up the veggie consumption, working out consistently, and making eating healthy a lifestyle, not just an occasional hobby. I still have my yummy foods in moderation (you’ve seen them in my food-obsessed posts), and I do splurge on vacations or holidays, but things are much more balanced. And I’m thrilled to say that I weigh less now than I did when I was 13, even less than I did on my wedding day, and I think that entitles me to a slice of celebratory cookie cake, right!? ;)

I’ll admit it…I love before and after photos. And I have some fairly humorous before and afters to share with you today. ;) Please promise you’ll still be my friends after you see what I used to look like…Obviously there’s a big span between my before and after, but hey. Change is change. (Disclaimer: I have every person’s permission to post these. Lol.)


FOR THE LOVE OF CHUBBY KIDS IN OVERALLS. It hurts to even put that picture up, but I had to after we found it and realized we’d be able to do a remake while we were in Garden of the Gods. OH the humanity. (Side note…sorry my shirt is flipped up funny in the remake…it was much harder to get on that ledge than it looks.)

And…my darling husband.


Cutie. He barely looks awkward. But I guess it helps the dramatic effect if you get a cute German shepherd puppy in your after photo. ;)


HAHA this is my studly Daddy, who I take after in so many ways, including the fact that we were both total dweebs before we got work out crazy.

And perhaps my favorite before pictures of all time…say hello to baby sister, the light of my life. Haha.


What a gem. :) I relish in her awkward phase with mine, because our older brother has never had one. Or if he did, it lasted a week and we have no photographic evidence of it.

Did you have an awkward phase? Email me a good before & after if you’re feeling brave and wish to provide me with humor. ;)

Happy Throwback Thursday. ;)



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