I feel like the year is flying by at lightning speed…let’s catch up, shall we? Here’s what’s been happening in the land of Boswell.

Jacker Bear has been super awesome lately, and we’ve been getting in lots of snuggles and play time.


He’s recently decided that he should be on top of my lap when I’m working at my computer, and he literally hops up with his front legs halfway and sits there while I work. (Excuse the morning hair and no makeup look I’m sporting.)


I don’t mind. :)


And he thinks he should be allowed to share the laptop with Andrew.





He actually was a big boy and let us give him a bath without really trying to escape.


We’re so proud of our happy little boy. :) He’ll be 9 months in a few days! Craziness.


In other news, we’ve been THRILLED with some of the recent weather and finally had time to mow and plant. (Of course, Oklahoma has decided to throw some more cold at us this week…so rude.)



Jack has been loving the weather too!


Aaand we recently had Longhorn. :) I’ll never tire of this salad!


I bought this.


And we had some good family time. :)

And coming up in the next few weeks (and next few blogs hopefully), we have Andrew’s 24th birthday, a family brunch (PANCAKES!), the beginning of crazy wedding season, warm weather, dozens of photo shoots, our 2 year anniversary (AH!), a trip to Six Flags, and hopefully a beautiful beginning to summer. I’m working on my summer list now… :)

Happy Tuesday darlings. :)



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