Dear Friday

Dear Friday, You blessed little babe, you. This week was so strange and long. Welcome. Let’s get lots accomplished today.

Dear Jesus, This world is crazy and makes my heart heavy. Come back soon, please. Loves you. 

Dear Husband, I’m glad you had an interview today, because you look so handsome in a suit! I knew marrying you was the right decision.

Dear Boston & Texas, I pray you’re all staying safe and sane! I’m sending you a virtual cookie cake of love. :)

Dear Oklahoma, You need to make it warm all the time now, mmk? It’s almost May. No more random freezing days, alright!? 

Dear Jackers, I am so proud of you. The snuggling skills are top-notch these days, and you have come so far! You are the best little ball of fluff ever. As if I didn’t love you enough already.



Dear Mom-in-law, Feel better soon! We have yummy food to eat! ;)

Dear Lovely Readers, You guys are so sweet. Thanks for making me feel special and mildly humorous. I love getting emails from you and finding out that there truly are other people in the world obsessed with dogs, pictures, and food. ;)

Dear Pancakes, I’ll see you tomorrow. :)

Happy Friday loves!



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