Happy Birthday Andrew

It’s a little terrifying that you are 24 years old today. We met when you were a tiny 18-year old. Next year, when you turn 25, I might have a panic attack. I’m so afraid of getting older, but I’m so thankful that you’re the one I’m growing old with. I have been absolutely smitten with you since the day I kicked your butt in 4-square and you bought me chocolate ice cream. ;) Some days I look at you and have a whole conversation with myself in my head, wondering how I got so lucky. I can’t believe we’re hitting 2 years of marriage next month…time’s flying, baby. That mostly means that I am going to take even more pictures of us to make it seem like life’s going by a little slower. ;)

I am so excited celebrate you today. You are strong, sweet, hilarious, hard-working, encouraging, reliable, and so super handsome. I feel so outrageously blessed to call you mine. :) Happy birthday, my love. Here’s to year 24! Now let’s go to church and Buffalo Wild Wings. ;)



You two are the most attractive males I’ve ever seen.


Love you more than anything. Jack says he loves you even more than sticks. ;) Happy birthday husband. :)



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