Things I’ve Learned in the Past Week


When your dog learns how to be a champion snuggler, it is harder and harder to get stuff done. I love that Jackers has gotten so good at snuggling and likes to lounge around with me, but I kept napping yesterday and my productivity definitely suffered. I’ve got to get a laptop with Photoshop on it so I can edit in bed. Lol.


Apparently, all it takes pizza & chicken & a living room picnic to be fulfilled. Seriously, we are simple folk…but happy, simple folk.


Braum’s has my new obsession. Single scoop chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and Reese’s cup topping. It feels like Heaven.


When you change your sheets, your dog might think you did it for them. Look at his face. So spoiled and he knows it.


Apparently, the secret to running longer is running slower. Who knew, right? I’ve been frustrated in the past when I’ve only been able to run a mile, but I kept starting out at a much higher speed and trying to beat my time, and evidently that was my problem. I started running at 5.2 speed recently, and made it to 2 and a half miles without stopping! (If you’re new to this blog, hi. I’m Caitlin. I’ve hated running my whole life until about a year ago, so I’m still a baby beginner. ;) Lol.)


Flowers are therapeutic. Looking at them, smelling them, arranging them, buying them…all of it has become like therapy to me. I love having fresh flowers everywhere.


Jack will do anything for sticks. I never thought I would meet a dog who liked sticks more than treats, but Jack is the exception.

What have you learned this week?



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