Good Day Sunshine

I’m fairly certain that our last cold day has come and gone in good old, bipolar Oklahoma, and that makes me happy. :) Welcome, sunshine. Stay a while.



Speaking of sunshine, I lunched with the best friend yesterday, and we feasted because life is short. I’m so thankful for this lady, not only because of her encouraging friendship and constant source of humor, but because she loves pizza too. ;)


It’s embarrassing how much love pizza.


My darling doggie. Another ray of sunshine. :)


And GUESS who ran 3 miles straight for the first time in her life yesterday? I did. :) I know my time is not impressive, but I basically was ready to have a dance party right then and there on the treadmill when I finished. This is proof that non-natural runners can learn to like running.


So naturally, I had this for dinner. ;)


And today, my sunshine is this pooch, who just discovered that the blinds in my office lead to a window to the world outside. Love him.

Hope your day is full of sunshine, literally and metaphorically, as well. ;) :)



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