Catchup & Summer List 2013

It was another one of those whirlwind weekends…the kind that go by so fast that I hardly remember what happened. Thank heavens for the iPhone memory.


Date night at Zio’s! I adore this food and this man.


Perhaps the only reason we really go to the Arts Festival is for the curly fries and tater twirls. I welcome you, delicious artery cloggers. ;)


Ran my first treadmill 5K last week! And then made it to 3.5 miles another day. Rejoice!


Watching this baby girl while Mom and Dad are on an anniversary trip. She doesn’t look very amused that they’re partying it up in Maine without us. ;)


And Jack’s pretty excited that this girl is staying with us while Mom and Dad are gone.


If you don’t follow me on Instagram and thus didn’t see this (, let me go ahead and make your day. You can get a personal alfredo pizza from CiCi’s for $2.48. Seriously. Go forth and feast. (P.S. It’s totally normal to take pictures of your food, right? Pretty sure half this post is food-related today…)


My little wolf.

And because summer is (HOLY COW) almost here, I’ve drafted up 2013’s summer bucket list. I can’t wait to tackle all of these!


And here’s a blank printable for you! (Click on the picture and save to your desktop and print.)


Wedding season is about to be full speed, and I should have lots of summer fun coming to the blog. ;) Happy Monday, folks!



One thought on “Catchup & Summer List 2013

  1. I was literally just going to make my list for this summer! This printable will make it so much cuter. Thanks!
    And your pizza looks so. good.

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