21 Things I Love About Marriage

Next week, I will have been married to sweet Andrew for two years. TWO YEARS. Folks…that is crazy. No one warned me it would go this fast. Actually, people probably did…but I didn’t realize it would go thiiiis fast. I digress.

In honor of our anniversary, May 21st, here are 21 things that I love about marriage. Specifically, being married to Andrew. :) I might see if I can convince him to make his own list for another day’s post.

1. I love the reliability and loyalty of a person who I’m certain will always be there for me, no matter what.

2. I love falling asleep and waking up next to an attractive man.

3. I LOVE married road trips.

4. I love always having someone to go out to eat with, even if they mock my love of pizza. ;)

5. I love controlling the thermostat in our house.

6. I love snuggles and movie marathons and pancake nights.

7. I love eating breakfast together in the mornings, especially if we go to IHOP for breakfast. ;)

8. I love getting to know someone so well that they can finish your sentences and nearly read your mind. This is both good and bad…

9. I love finding out all the numerous ways God created us for each other and how intricate His plan was to bring us together.

10. I love having two families.

11. I love how ordinary things seem like adventures.

12. I love always having someone to force to take pictures. ;)

13. I love having a dog child.

14. I love randomly going out for ice cream or cookie cake, or randomly being brought ice cream or cookie cake.

15. I love staying home and having living room picnics. Outdoor picnics are fun too.

16. I love having a dance partner.

17. I love talking about our future family and future vacations and future adventures.

18. I love always having a backup buffer for awkward events.

19. I love praying together and hearing Andrew’s heart for the Lord.

20. I love marriage humor, and all the hilarity and laughing-till-we-cry moments marriage has brought us.

21. I love being married to a Godly, hard-working stud-muffin of a man who treats me so well, deals with my crazed obsessions, and knows entirely too much about movie trivia. ;)




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