The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I cannot believe how much has been crammed to fit in the past few days…let’s break it down.



We love eating out…probably too much, but it’s one luxury we will never give up if possible!


And this is why. ;) God bless Olive Garden.


We went to see the new Star Trek movie Thursday night, and our minds were BLOWN. So good.


These lovely people joined us. :)


BFFs. For liiiife.


Saturday, Kristi Belle helped me shoot a wedding for one of my good friends from high school. :)


Sunday, my family took us out for an early anniversary celebration meal. :) And Dad brought me back fudge from Colorado. :D (More to come later on our anniversary plans…)

THE BAD (but not too bad):


Dad, I think there’s a storm coming.


The three of us piled in the bathtub with a mattress when the sirens started to go off. Oh, Oklahoma.


Jack seemed very calm.


And was asleep within minutes. ;) Hahaha.


Mom…I am so bored.



And finally…THE UGLY:

My voice. My voice is gone. I can barely let out a squeak. Lol. I’ve been fighting a sore throat/cold/something dreadful the past week and a half, and it hasn’t been too terrible until this past weekend. I woke up at 3 AM Sunday with a burning throat and haven’t been able to talk since. It’s killing me. WHO KNEW I enjoyed talking so much? ;-P Andrew had to order my meal at Longhorn (luckily, my appetite isn’t gone), and I think I scared the poor lady at Gordman’s half to death when I answered her “do you want to sign up for a credit card?” with a creepy “No, sorry, I lost my voice” whisper. Hahaha. So say a little prayer for me and let’s hope this voice comes back really soon, because how else am I going to get Sonic drinks?! ;)

Happy Monday, loves. :)



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