Dear Friday…

Dear Friday, 

How lovely to see you! This week and I have not been BFFs, and I am so looking forward to next week. Thank you for finally arriving.

Dear Tomorrow,

Please go by as quickly as possible so I can say I’m halfway done with my summer weddings. Also, go by quickly so Kristi Belle and I can go get some delicious post-shooting feast food.

Dear Weather,

Please, for the love, make up your mind! You’re more indecisive than Andrew & I trying to decide where to eat.

Dear Sherree,

You are such a rockstar, and I’m proud to be your sister-in-law. ;)


Dear Jack,

Thanks for being snuggly this week. I needed it. And thanks for being entertained for hours by looking out my office window.



Dear San Antonio,

SEE YOU IN A WEEK! I’m so flippin’ excited to get some vacation time and squeal like a 5-year old at Sea World. :) I’m coming for you, dolphins.

Dear Husband,

You’re super cool. I am so thankful for you and so glad you’re who I’m walking through life with. Thanks for cheering me up with funny faces and chips and queso. :) I can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary again with you next weekend and eat lots of yummy food! ;)


Dear People Reading,

Loves ya. Have a fabulous weekend. :)



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