Caitlin Wisdom

A few things I’ve learned in my 23 years…

1. You can get a personal alfredo pizza from Cici’s for less than $3, and if your body’s metabolism is anywhere close to mine (not super fast), you can have it for dinner and still lose weight. I’ve tested this theory three times (go ahead…judge me). I lost a pound each time when I had a good, fairly healthy breakfast and lunch, followed by a good, delicious personal pizza dinner. It’s a divine way to lose weight and save money. ;)

2. Movies are cheaper on Amazon 99% of the time. Buy them used if the seller has good reviews. Our movie collection is embarrassingly huge. Almost everything is cheaper on Amazon, in fact.

3. If you run at Hafer Park, you will see approximately 4.5 dogs per run, and that will make running easier, because you’ll be all, “OH hi cute dog!” If you run in my neck of the woods, you can expect to see squished frogs that have been flattened by tires and one really mean bulldog who barks his head off for apparently no reason.

4. Etsy is a land of good and evil. You can find cute, cheap, homemade and vintage things. You will also find the inner turmoil of your online shopping soul that won’t let you stop buying things. Perhaps even more dangerous than Etsy is Groopdealz. I apologize if you all go empty your bank accounts now.

5. Bad days will always be made better if you take a trip to the mall and get yourself a slice of cookie cake. If your husband brings it home to you – even better.


6. If you’re looking for a spontaneous vacation, go to and pick a few dates. You can search for the cheapest fares and plan a last minute vaca pretty quickly. (Another warning: addiction is probable.)

7. There is nothing cuter than a German shepherd face.



Happy Wednesday, loves. :)



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