Movies. (These are currently my faves…I won’t even pretend I have less than 87 favorite movies.)

1. Jurassic Park.
2. Skyfall.
3. Iron Will.
4. Count of Monte Cristo
5. The Fugitive


1. PIZZA. All cheese and alfredo pizza. Forever and ever. Amen.
2. Ice cream – specifically chocolate from Braum’s with Reese’s topping and hot fudge.
3. French fries…like the kind I had at the zoo with my gals today. (Post coming soon!)
4. Bread. All kinds. My favorites are Olive Garden breadsticks and Panera sourdough rolls.
5. Longhorn salad with extra ranch and croutons.


1. Old Navy.
2. Forever 21.
3. Target.
4. TJ Maxx.
5. Hobby Lobby.


1. Breakfast at IHOP.
2. Day at the zoo.
3. Hiking/biking/running/anything outside.
4. Movie marathon at home with an indoor pizza picnic.
5. Fancy dinner and delicious dessert.

Favorite Hobbies/Things to Do in Free Time.

1. Snuggling Jackers.
2. Running/working out.
3. Flower arranging.
4. Piano playing.
5. Um…eating. ;)


Good news. Pretty things are happening under this tree today that will be going on the blog some time next week hopefully. :)

Have a happy weekend, every last one of you! :)



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