When did summer suddenly slip by me and advance to halfway over? I’m not okay with this. Give me more time!!

Let’s have another weekend highlights reel, shall we? This weekend was full of goodness!

Friday was a zoo day with some of my favorites!


Lovely friends.


Lovely goat.


Lovely Mamas.


Super lovely french fries. ;) Haha.



I just want to spend every day that’s below 90 degrees at the zoo.

I’m saving the majority of these pictures for another post this week, but Friday night’s shoot was pure greatness! I’ll share more about it soon, but here’s a sneak peek. :)


Saturday was “Andrew Day.” I don’t think I’ve ever explained this on the blog lol, but we have “Caitlin Day” and “Andrew Day” every now and then in our marriage. It’s a fun way to spend time together when I don’t have a wedding on the weekend. Caitlin Days usually involve the zoo and an absurd amount of food…sometimes a dress up dinner date or a walk or run at Hafer. Andrew’s day involved a trip to Barnes & Noble, Tucker’s for lunch, movie watching with puppy, and Chick-fil-A for dinner.


Sunday was Freedom Fest at our church, one of our favorite nights of the year. I’m getting excited for more 4th of July celebrations this week!






After fireworks ended, we headed to a late night dinner (alright, a 2nd dinner) at IHOP with my cute family. :)


And thus, the weekend ended how I wish every weekend could end. With pancakes. ;)

Happy Monday loves! :)



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