People Blessings – Mama

Thought it would be fitting for today’s people blessing post to be about this lady, who is another year older today and another year my favorite lady in the world! Happy birthday, Mama! Here’s why she’s awesome.


1. She raised three babies to love Jesus, the outdoors, and adventure.

Most of my memories from my early childhood involve Jesus, being outside, and little adventures. I remember understanding things about God at a young age because Mom was always talking about Him and teaching us about Him. We did little crafts often, and most of them would have a “moral of the story” or Biblical lesson at the end, because she’s just that darn creative. She wasn’t one of those moms who put the children in front of a TV screen and waited for them to fall asleep. She engaged with us and helped us learn. Even going to the park or swimming in the backyard kiddie pool seemed like adventure to us because she made it fun. She loves adventure, and thus, so do we. :)


2. She appreciates food.

It’s good to know that other people love food as much as I do. Well, maybe she doesn’t love it quite as much as I do, but Mom rejoices over hashbrowns and squeals over salted caramels. We find joy in simple things. ;)


3. She is unnaturally kind.

My dad nicknamed Mom “Mary” a long time ago and frequently pokes fun at her nearly sinless behavior, but really…it’s alarming how good a person she is. Her kindness is abundant, and she will go out of her way to be nice to people.


4. She is a servant.

Because being kind to everyone isn’t enough, Mom also has to be the most servant-hearted person I’ve ever met. ;) If something needs to be done, she’ll do it…whether she’s asked to or not. Her heart for the Lord is constantly evident by the way she serves other people. She brings me Sonic drinks out of the blue, listens to and encourages me when I’m having crazy days, and buys me presents for no reason. She’s always thinking about others.


5. She’s my best friend.

I could never fully explain how much this woman means to me, and how much I look up to her. She truly is the best Mom, best friend, and best example I ever could have hoped for. When my days are crazy, I call my Mama. She always makes me feel better and more importantly, always points me to Christ. I feel so blessed to get to see her and talk to her all the time. She’s a hoot. :)

Love you, Mama! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! We shall party at Coldstone and stuff our faces shortly. ;)



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