Secrets & Plans

Are you ready to hear the big news? The reason behind my sparse blogging, frequent stressing, and insanity the past few weeks?


Let’s take that in for a second.

To be more specific…we’re in the process of buying a house. And HOLY MOLY is it a process. We close in a little over 2 weeks. BUT I, Caitlin Boswell, have (nearly) purchased a home with my hard-working husband…a home where we will live with a hyperactive German shepherd who has no idea why I’ve frantically started packing boxes the past couple days.

Can I mention really quickly how good the Lord is and how much He laughs at my plans? I had planned to finish out our lease like normal tenants and save up more to purchase a home next spring. It was logical. It was far away. It kept me from worrying and let me plan less daunting things – like vacations. But it was not God’s plan.

Say hello to God’s plan.


I have loads to tell you, more loads to show you, and I’m still in a bit of shock when I think about the whole inexplicably surreal situation. Thanks to some wisdom and outrageous support from our parents, we’ll be moving into this little beauty THIS MONTH. I’ll keep you posted. After that, I’m sure I’ll overwhelm you with projects and pictures and craziness. ;)

God is so good, and we are so blessed. I’ll fill you in on more details in the posts to come. Forgive me if posts continue to be a bit here and there the next few weeks, as I’ll be speedily packing and finishing up editing before the big move.

Happy, happy, happy Wednesday! :)



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