Dancing in the Kitchen Part III

Every now and then, it hits me like a ton of bricks.


How did I ever wish for time to pass quickly? How is it that time speeds itself up the older I get? How is it that I’m MOVING INTO MY NEW HOME THIS VERY MONTH!? Sheesh.

So many emotions are desperately trying to squeeze their way into this month. If you’ve read any part of this blog in the past two years, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my love of planning. God seems to have a love of changing my plans. ;) I think He finds it humorous…you know, as I keep printing off 5-year plan schedules and organizing my life piece by piece. I pencil my plans in my notebooks, only to watch God come in and show me greater things He has planned. My thoughts are not your thoughts; my plans are not your plans. 

One of my favorite things about marriage is dancing in the kitchen. Every so often, I’ll be cooking dinner and playing Pandora (the Jack Johnson station, of course) when Andrew gets home. He will come steal me and dance with me on some slow songs. We danced one night earlier this week, and time stopped for a few minutes. I breathed in everything I could, thanked God for His blessings, and stared intentionally at the room around me. I scanned the kitchen and living room with tired eyes and tried to memorize every inch. This home has been full of hyper, full of crazy, and full of joy. I’m SO excited about our new house, but I’m a little melancholy when I think about leaving these memories behind. New beginnings always mean that something else is ending. And this new beginning, for whatever reason, has been reminding me that I’m getting older and time isn’t slowing down.

I’m constantly reminded that life is short, and life is fast. SO FAST. My plans get me in trouble with looking ahead sometimes and missing the present. I pray for a heart that slows down and takes everything in, full of joy and gratefulness. We are so blessed.

Keep us in your prayers as we pack up this house full of memories. :) (Don’t even ask how many boxes I’ve packed…I’m too embarrassed at how slow I’m going and how much stuff I have.) We close the end of next week and start moving in after that. I’m so excited to show you more pictures, but I’m gonna keep them a secret until after closing. ;)


I’m off to pack for the next 12 hours. ;) Have a lovely Thursday, darlings!



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