The Week of Good News

When it rains, it pours.

Still packing and still running around like a headless chicken…but I’ve dubbed this week the week of good news. :)

1. I weighed myself earlier this week after a weekend of pizza and ice cream and weighed far less than I thought I would. (This may seem insignificant, but I LOVE IT and call it good news.) I am hopelessly addicted to running and its benefits. ;)

2. Our new appraisal came in and assured us we are still able to move into our house this month! Hooray! We close Wednesday now, and after we get some basic painting done, I can finally show you more pictures…because I know you’re dying without my heavy picture posts, right!? Right.

3. Dad surprised the family and informed us that our family, along with Andrew’s immediate family, will be GOING TO HAWAII OVER THANKSGIVING!! Hello, Dad of the Year. ;) (And thanks to Dad’s awesome friend for helping make this possible!) And hello, 3-month fitness plan. (More good news – Andrew’s vacation time at work was approved without any issues! Now we just need to save up money for that helicopter ride that goes over the waterfalls from Jurassic Park.)

4. My new external disc drive came in and works like a charm so far. My Mac desktop had decided it would no longer play or burn discs (after burning thousands over all the years of photoshoots and weddings, I can hardly blame it), but the new disc drive has been working great!

5. Yesterday, I finally finished all the editing I needed to do before the move. It’s probably going to drive me up the wall not editing for a week or so, but I need to pack! Jack is already distracting us enough from packing.



Happy Friday lovelies! :) Hope your week was full of good news too, and I hope your weekend is full of happy!



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