I’m Still Here

I have never felt so relieved, exhausted, stressed, and thrilled all at once. ;) The past week has been an absolute blur. Quite a few things have tested our patience, but we have been overwhelmed by the blessings God has poured on us. Our families have been an incredible source of help and encouragement, and we are happily getting settled in this wonderful little home. :)


We unfortunately are still without Internet (let’s not go into that ordeal or I’ll get fussy), but I’m posting this off of the in-laws’ trusty Wi-Fi. ;) We are scheduled to have our Internet up and running next week, so I promise a hundred more detailed posts will be coming after that. :)

For now…here’s a few sneak peeks.


This was our last night on Sunset Drive.


And one of our first on our new street, which I won’t name so we don’t get too many stalkers. ;)



Keep us in your prayers as we continue to pretend there aren’t an infinite amount of unpacked boxes in the garage. ;) I have SO much to show you in the coming weeks! :)



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