A Brief Update

Cox Communications, ironically, is very poor at communication.

Yes, we are still without Internet after almost two weeks in our house, and yes, I’m posting this blog from Home Depot’s parking lot Wifi and racing the dying laptop battery because I’m classy. Cox lost our appointment that was scheduled for last Saturday, and thus, we are practicing our patience by waiting until this weekend for blessed Wifi…hopefully. ;)

So until I have blessed Wifi, here are some entertaining thoughts on what’s been happening.

We have painted every room in the house except our bedroom so far. Get excited to see pictures in the coming weeks.

I have an unhealthy obsession with shelf liner and organization. And plates. OH do I love plates.


Andrew has had Buffalo Wild Wings three times in the past three weeks.

I’ve eaten approximately 17 fudgsicles since move in day.

The first movie we watched in our house was Jaws.

Jack has a new bed. He’s only chewed one hole in it so far. We’re slowly trying to get rid of the crate, but unfortunately, he really likes to sleep on our bed. I randomly find him sleeping on it throughout the day.


When you give over a boat load of your money to a mortgage company, they thank you with a nice gift basket full of happy junk food.


I never want to paint anything ever again. My wrist hurts indefinitely.

My legs are so covered in bruises that I could pass for a dalmatian.

My new bathtub is the happiest place on earth.

Andrew’s grandparents bought us a grill (WOOHOO), and Andrew has informed me he’s determined to become the grill master.

Our parents have spent an unhealthy amount of money and time on us the past month, and I feel like we should probably apologize for being born.

My office is going to be rocking when it’s finished. Currently, I sit at my desk on my computer and wish for the one spotty Wifi connection to let me in for a few minutes of Facebook time because I have a problem.

Our new backyard is huge and occasionally home to some cute little visiting rabbits. Pray for their safety, as you may recall, I have a German shepherd. He’s particularly fond of fluffy things.

I can’t wait to show you pictures and tell you more specifics. :) Happy Wednesday!



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