Houston, We Have Wifi

May God’s blessings be on every person who brings Wifi to the world.

Now…for the recap that will probably last 5 years…

We closed on a Wednesday, had all the woodwork in the house done by a painter by Friday, and moved in on Saturday, August 31st. The week was freakishly fast.



After signing papers and making it official, we had our excited faces on!


And if there’s one thing Andrew & I know how to do, it’s celebrate.


What better way to celebrate than a Reese’s sundae!? ;)




See that brown kitchen behind us? Remember it, because it looks nothing like that now.


I am still trying to block out most of moving day from my memory because it was that bad. Haha. BUT I do remember the fabulous celebration pizza. ;)


We watched Jaws on our first night in the new place, while Jack dealt with his moving anxiety by snoring.


We knew we wanted to get all the woodwork painted in the house, and the quickest and easiest way to get it done was to do it before we moved in. It wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely worth it. We were very fortunate to find a house with a new roof, new kitchen and hallway flooring, new bathroom tile and tub in the guest bathroom, all new countertops, and new carpet…all it needed was some new paint. ;)


I know it’s hard to see, but I’m not finished with it yet so you’ll have to wait for more details. ;)


Here’s one detail I can share that I’m in love with…this farmhouse back door that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. ;)


I’m still unpacking and organizing (and loving every OCD minute of it), but I promise more pictures soon. :) For now, enjoy these. ;) Thanks to my Mama for taking these for us! (And thanks to our whole family for all the help with moving in and painting and getting settled!)



Mom-in-law spray painted our cute little table and chairs for the porch…turquoise forever and ever, amen.


Husband. You are so attractive.





Jack Sparrow is adjusting pretty well. He’s still rather hyper and curious, but he feels right at home as long as we keep letting him lay on our bed.


Buying a house is an adventure. A crazy, stressful, exciting, nauseating, thrilling, super complicated adventure. ;) More to come this week!



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