A Break from the Busy

Truth be told, I like to have things to do. It pleases me to make check lists and cross things off when I finish them. The past two months, however, have had a few thousand more things to put on my check list than I normally like to handle. ;)

So in the little bit of time that I have to blog today, here’s a quick summary on what’s happening. Currently, most of my days go like this: running, eating, editing, painting, cleaning, unpacking, Wal-Mart-ing, eating, planning, power-napping, editing, organizing, unpacking, weeping, editing, eating, rejoicing, sleeping. Add playing and/or snuggling with Jackers somewhere in there and it’s pretty close. ;)

Yesterday was a nice break from all the crazy. I went to the fair with the moms in the morning and went back with Andrew when he got off work…partially because it was a discount day, but mostly because I wanted to get all the fair food done in one day. ;)


My newest love…baby goats.


Is Hamish not the coolest name for a Clydesdale?!


Excuse me while I abandon all my current responsibilities and dreams and adopt “owning a herd of baby goats” as my new life goal.


I’m so smitten.




They’ve previously been called “Tater Twirls,” but this year they spiced it up and called them “Spiral Spuds.” Either way, I’m game. ;)




Andrew has become an enormous fan of root beer over the last year, and until yesterday, he had never tried the fair’s. Changed man.



Curly fries are hands down the best thing to come out of the fair.


Tomorrow, I plan to have more time and post some “before” pictures of our house. :)

Happy Wednesday!




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