The House – First Impressions

I’ll go ahead and sheepishly admit that I didn’t take very good pictures of the “before.” The whole buying a house thing must’ve distracted my photo skills. ;) BUT here are a few glimpses of my house from the first time we saw it. :) This is all pre-paint, obviously.


This is a pano view from the front door that you might have to click on to see better. Straight ahead is the coat closet and a little built-in storage area, to the left is the living, dining, and kitchen areas, and to the right of the coat closet is the hallway that leads back to the bedrooms.


I love built-ins!




One of the most important things I wanted was a big kitchen…I was spoiled by the one in our rent house, and really wanted one at least the same size. I was DELIGHTED when I found this house and saw how much storage there was…even more cabinets than we had before. Probably a third of our moving boxes were full of kitchen items, and I’m happy to say everything fit. ;)



I apologize for being really horrible at taking iPhone pictures of houses. This is what is now my office.


This is the view from the other corner.


This is our guest bathroom in the hall. We were SUPER pumped to have all new countertops and a new tub and shower!


The bathtub might me my favorite place in the house.



This is Andrew’s office, the left view is from the door, the right is from a corner inside.

I’m ashamed to admit I don’t even have a good picture of our master bedroom and bathroom from before we painted. I KNOW, I’m awful. I promise to take the “after” pictures with my good camera and wide angle lens. ;) BUT here is a picture of the master bath after our painter did the woodwork. I love our little saloon doors! :)


And to give you an idea of what more of the wood looks like now, here are some “during” pictures of the woodwork paint while our painter was still working on everything (hence the pink protective paper on the floor). We used a Sherwin Williams lacquer called Navajo White.




Hopefully I can get a few more things organized and start showing you more updates next week. :) It’s getting there. Next up will be post-paint!



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