People Blessings – Kristi Belle

My very best friend is 24 years old today!! Happy birthday, Kristi Belle!

Here’s why she rules the world.

1. She’s an encourager. This lady. If I need a pep talk, she’s there to be a cheerleader and a bringer of pizza (she gets me). And more importantly than that, she pushes me toward Christ in her encouragement. I know I can always count on her for uplifting words and, when I need it, sanity. ;) She keeps me on level ground. Unless of course we’re jumping off of a rock.


2. She laughs more than any other person. I’m serious. She laughs at funny things. She laughs at non-funny things. She laughs at ironic things, silly things, sad things, happy things…everything. And her laugh is contagious and gleeful and makes everyone around her happy. I’m pretty certain it’s my favorite of all her qualities. :)


3. She’s a fighter. Like most of us, Kristi has had her share of battles, and she’s a fierce little warrior. She may be tiny, but she’s fierce. ;) I’ve been her best friend long enough to know how she handles things, and she’s a fighter – a tough, strong woman that knows her Lord is in control every step of the way. Look, she’s so fierce that she even tamed a wild German shepherd beast. ;)


4. She will rejoice in food with me. This is no trivial quality. I can’t be close friends with someone who doesn’t relish in the joy of food with me. Kristi understands the greatness of Reese’s sundaes. And that is why we were meant to be best friends. I can’t even count how many celebratory feasts we’ve devoured.


5. Her heart is after God’s. We’ve been best friends for five years, even though sometimes it seems like we’ve always been best friends. The Lord has taken both of us on crazy rides, but our hearts have been blessed by Him and by each other. There is such joy in having a best friend who will pray with you, cry with you, rejoice with you, and walk life with you in the Lord. I’m so thankful for such a Godly lady in my life!


Love you so much, my dear! Hope you have the best birthday and celebrate 24 to the fullest, because next year is 25 and we’re each going to have a heart attack when that happens. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!



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