Friday Letters

Dear Friday, Nice to see you again. Thank you for bringing a paycheck!

Dear Weather, You’ve been alright. A bit too hot some days, but I’ll take it for now. I only ask that you eliminate the wind. Forever.

Dear Husband, I’m a little bit excited for tomorrow’s day date. Paying our bills in the morning will be terribly romantic, I’m sure, but I’m super pumped for the zoo after that. ;) Also, thank you for leaving exceedingly cute little notes for me around the house today. You’re the best, and I think I’ll marry you. Your proper use of “your” and “you’re” let me know we’re meant to be together.


Dear Legs, Let’s work on getting used to the wind while running…quit turning into spaghetti, ya fools.

Dear Hawaii, I’m coming for you. 53 more days of watching what I eat and getting into beach shape.

Dear Hallway, You look so friendly and happy with your new pictures! Hooray!


Dear Jackers, You have officially mastered the art of snuggling. Congratulations, Mr. Sparrow. I salute you.


Dear Readers, Glad to have you. Happy weekend, loves. :)



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