5 Moving Tips

We’ve been in our new house for 40 days now. I can hardly believe it! We are obsessed with this new home and thankful for the Lord’s provision.

I was burning discs to save some old iPhone pictures and saw some photos from before the move…the dreaded move. ;) I thought I’d share some things we did that helped the move go a little more smoothly.

1. Label everything.

This helped me immensely. I tend to be more anal when it comes to this sort of thing, so it was very convenient to be able to put all the “kitchen” boxes in one pile, all the “office” in another, and so forth and so on. Also – be specific when you tell your husband to label things, or he might just write the word “junk” on the box. ;-P Having all of your boxes labelled will make you less stressed when you are trying to find all the things you need to unpack immediately.


2. Accept help.

Moving is borderline torture. Don’t be afraid to get/ask for/accept help. Family is basically binded by blood law to help you move, but make sure you buy them a pizza or something for helping. ;) If a friend offers to help you pack, bow to them and let them help you. If you can afford it, I’d even suggest hiring movers. We didn’t this last time, but we have decided to make room in the budget for it next time because of how horrific moving week was on our joints.

3. Make to do lists.

I found a variety of moving check lists on Pinterest with things to do before the big moving day. You tend to forget about things like changing your address with the post office, switching over your Internet/cable, etc. It’s good to make a list as you think of things you’ll have to do, and try to check those babies off as quickly as you can to avoid more stress.

4. Take it slow.

There is this unmentioned and unbearable pressure to be settled in and ready for guests two weeks after you move. Everyone wants to see pictures, know what colors you’ve painted your rooms with, and find out just how organized you really are. ;) DON’T FALL FOR IT. Moving from house to house is exhausting enough. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up and move it. Take a couple days to rest and slowly unpack, and indulge in some well-earned pizza before you worry about tackling all your projects. You have time. The Facebook stalkers can wait. Rest is important. (Not to mention, you probably just downed a boatload of money on buying the house. Save up a tad before you start fixing everything up.)

5. Make the best of it.

It’s inevitable. Something will go wrong on moving day. One of your boxes will go missing. The Uhaul place will lose your reservation and make you wait two hours for a truck. Your back will feel like you’ve just carried a refrigerator across the Great Wall of China. Take deep breaths, and make the best of it. :) Lay down on the floor of your newly vacuumed house and think about all the support and help you have, or about the memories you will make in your new home, OR about the pizza you’re about to scarf down. A good attitude is often a choice, and it will help you (and everyone around you that day) feel better. :)



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