Dear Caitlin in 5 Years

I’ll be honest. I shuddered typing the words “in 5 years.”

Time can be fairly rude. It speeds by when you want to slow down and savor it, and it seems to move at a glacial pace when you wish it would pass quickly (though the only time I want it to pass quickly these days is when I’m a couple pounds away from a cheat meal). I’ve had to work on the way I handle time passing, and I like to think I’ll be okay with it one day. Currently, I’m breathing it in a day at a time…still addicted to my planning, but cherishing where I am.

Dear Caitlin in 5 Years,

I hope you’re adjusting to life in your late twenties, making the most of it and not freaking out too much about the terrifying and lingering thirties. *cue Psycho music*

I hope you and your super attractive husband have planned well and saved well. Take him out to dinner at Ted’s if you have. Ice cream for dessert if you’re both still skinny. ;)

I hope you are settled in whatever house you currently live in, and I hope you love it.


I hope you had the courage and ability to have a baby, and I hope you were able to deal with the fears and loss of freedom. If so, take that baby to the zoo and snap a thousand pictures. Eat some french fries too while you’re at it. (That being said, I hope you were also able to lose the baby weight.)

I hope you still run, and I pray you still enjoy it.


I hope you’re still exceedingly close to your family.

I hope you’ve met new people, learned to cook new things, tried new experiences, and set new goals. I hope you never feel stagnant.

I hope your church is still your 2nd home, and I hope you’re making a difference there, no matter how small.

I hope your dog is calm and mellow and perfect. ;)


I hope the Lord is always showing you new things, and that you are always turning to Him for guidance and comfort.

I kinda hope you’re still blogging. It will be fun to look back and see this post. Or humiliating.

I hope beyond everything that you are incredibly thankful, because I know you are incredibly blessed.



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