Easy, Breezy October

It’s freaking me out a little that October is almost over. We have had so much squeezed into these past few weeks that I guess everything just flew by! My shoots and editing are going well…very busy, but I have SUPER cute people to photograph and that makes it okay. ;) When I give my eyes a rest from staring at the computer, I torture this little dude…because apparently I’m turning into one of those old ladies.



Even Jack is ashamed.


But don’t feel too bad for him. He gets an abundant amount of frisbee time. ;)


In other October news, I randomly baked some homemade bread last week. I have a feeling the holiday baking splurge is about to befall us…and befat us. ;)



It was pretty delicious! I’m excited to try some new flavors. Anyone have any bread recipes they really love and want to share?

We are 33 days away from leaving for Hawaii, and I’m afraid the yummy food of winter is going to be hard to resist. I have a new restaurant recommendation for you…anyone been to Top That Pizza? We went last night with Wes & Molly, and now I’m a huge fan. 


I adore these two!


It’s basically like Subway, but with pizza. Go through the line, tell the nice pizza-making people what you want, and they cook it for you and bring it to your table. Prepare to be judged a tad if you’re picky like me and want absolutely no toppings aside from cheese. ;)


Andrew was feeling more exotic. He got red onions, buffalo chicken, and pepperoni on his. 

Anyone else falling victim to fall and winter comfort food?! ;) Happy Thursday friends!



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