Dallas Day

I could never live in Dallas. I’m far too impatient with poor drivers and crazy traffic. But if possible, I would road-trip once a month and do exactly what we did Saturday: have killer pancakes and shop at IKEA.


The Original Pancake House understands us.


Hello, lovely.


Andrew’s first sentence after finishing his breakfast: “I should have gotten more pancakes.” Uh, yeah. You should have.


These breakfast potatoes were delish. Times a thousand.


It’s the little things in life.


When our bellies stopped pooching a tad, we headed to burn off our calories in IKEA!


I was slightly more excited than Andrew. But he did find a cozy chair he liked.



The purpose of our trip – buying this desk for my office. I had to practice on it first though.


The purpose of our trip for Andrew – Potbelly’s.


Happy man.


Allow me to brag for a moment – my studly husband put together my new desk all by himself. If you’ve ever attempted assembling IKEA furniture, you know what an accomplishment that is. ;)


LOVE it. Now I just need a rolling chair and to hang my drapes. :)


I’ve already got some great new decor for the desk. ;)

Happy Monday!




3 thoughts on “Dallas Day

  1. Hey Caitlin!
    I found you on Pinterest, and, on your Photograph page, found your personal blog.
    Let me say that I LOVED every post of this blog. Like the name, things here are “absolutely bositively”…. show us your positive and simple way to live your life w/ ur hubby :) not to mention the amazing photos.. I liked each one of them. You’re really good on this, girl!
    Sorry for my poor english. Im from Brazil, but i needed to tell you how much i liked your blog!
    God bless you and your new family!

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