God’s plan. I can never fully wrap my mind around it. He has poured His blessings on us the past several weeks, and our cup overflows. Things are full of uncertainty right now with Andrew not knowing where or when he will get a job, but more than that, things have been full of God’s faithful provision, and I’m not worried. I am humbled when I look at how much goodness He gives us!

I am still going through (and loving) the One Thousand Gifts devotional by Ann Voskamp. I’m not crazy about everything in the book, but it did completely change the way I feel about giving thanks, and it opened my eyes to just how much joy I was missing out on by being ungrateful, even if I didn’t mean to be. When every little piece of life is acknowledged as a grace – a gift – you find more joy in everyday things. I’ve always found joy in the little things, but numbering them and writing them down is SO very good for my soul.

My little gifts from God may seem small to some, but they bring me so much joy. :) The Lord is so. very. good.


Chicken pot pie for chilly fall days. :)


Watching movies and snuggling with the pups and husband.



Spontaneous backyard pictures when the weather is nice.


A small chocolate chip pancake that brings a big happy to my heart every morning. ;) (And a new tablecloth from IKEA!)


Pizza nights full of laughter with these loves. :)


Jackers competing for a snuggler-of-the-year award.


Homemade bread, just because I can.


New recipes, because Pinterest is overflowing with food.



And sister days that were supposed to be for baking and watching movies, but instead they ended up involving an epic 2-hour nap. ;)

Hope your week is full of joy too! Happy Wednesday lovelies!



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