Random Fact Friday

I’m currently back to a childhood obsession I had with Smarties. They’re the only candy without chocolate in them that I like.

We have this funny neighbor lady who (bless her heart) probably has poor hearing, because I can hear every word she shouts when she’s talking to people outside…across the street. Sometimes I’m tempted to shout and carry on a conversation with her from my desk.

Josh Groban’s version of Angels We Have Heard on High with Brian McKnight is the most beautiful thing everrrrr. If you haven’t listened to it, shame on you. Go listen to it now. ;) And yes, it’s November, so it’s totally okay to listen to Christmas music.

We went searching for a Halloween costume for Jack the night before Halloween because I’m a terrible dog mom. What we discovered was that Party Galaxy has no dog costumes and no humans that can be trusted. I saw the most terrifying people I’ve ever seen in my life in there that night. Note to self: Target is always the right decision.

In 25 days, I’ll be in Hawaii with all my favorites!!! Eeeep! And I’ll be desperately searching for a KFC so I can have some mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day.

Kayaking on the Napali Coast, Kauai, HI

My favorite pizza of late is Little Caesar’s. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone else’s least favorite pizza. BUT FIVE DOLLARS SERIOUSLY. I love it. At least, I love the one on 2nd & Santa Fe. Their pizza is better than the others.

Things are about to get really busy in the CaitPhoto world, so blog world might be a little slow in the coming weeks…apologies. :(

If he were as calm around other people as he is around us, I would rent my dog out for snuggles. He is THE best at snuggling and has learned to let us use him as a furry pillow.


I have issues when it comes to choosing a Christmas card. I currently have five drafts, and I may or may not be making more…

Andrew & I are getting Hideaway Pizza tonight with some funny people. :)

We weren’t at home for more than one trick-or-treater visit last night, but these two cute kids stopped by, and I quickly gave them some candy before we headed out. Jack was barking his “THIS IS MY HOUSE” bark from his crate in our bedroom when the doorbell rang and as the little girl ran off in her super cute Ariel mermaid costume, she told her dad, “I like that dog.” Bahaha.

Happy weekend lovelies!!



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