Countdowns & Confessions

Sometimes I count down, and sometimes I confess things in posts. Can we handle a mash-up of those two?

20 DAYS until we’re in Hawaii!! HALLELUJAH folks. I’m posting tomorrow about our plans…

Last night, I wanted crispy cheddar chicken really bad. I don’t want Andrew to get burned out on it (he burns out on things way easier than I do), so I literally made him baked garlic parmesan chicken and made myself crispy cheddar chicken. I AM THAT INSANE. So worth it. That sauce, you guys. If you have ignored all my other ravings about making it, just come over and I’ll make it for the both of us to enjoy. ;)

21 DAYS until Thanksgiving. We’ll be on the beach, counting our blessings and hopefully eating KFC mashed potatoes.

I’ve recently renewed my love for Smarties…and I’m almost certain they contain some kind of addictive drug because I have eaten an embarrassing amount of them every day for the past two weeks.

48 DAYS until Christmas! :D

Andrew & I did some Christmas shopping yesterday, and I was in super shopper bargain mode. We brought home at least 5 bags of presents. Why can’t buying presents for people be a job?!

55 DAYS until New Year’s! I can hardly believe 2014 is almost here.

I base my whole diet during the week on the goal of eating pizza over the weekend. It motivates me, mmk?

128 DAYS until I’m 24 years old. (That means 127 days to finish my 23 While 23 list!)

I’m getting closer and closer to being okay with having children some day. Right now, my current child-raising fears include excessive snot-wiping and dealing with toddler tantrums in Target/Wal-Mart/etc. (We saw a major child meltdown – the worst I’ve ever seen – in Target yesterday, and I just wanted to run over and give the mom a hug and a Starbuck’s gift card. I didn’t…I was too afraid of the thrashing, screaming child.)

165 DAYS until Andrew is 25 years old and we both cry because that feels old.

My favorite part of the day is morning. I sit down to a pancake and some Jesus time, and it feels like Heaven. ;)

195 DAYS until our 3 year anniversary. THREE YEARS IS A LONG TIME PEOPLE. It flies by so fast.

I have a bad habit of hiding presents in brilliant hiding spots and then forgetting where they are.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)

Also – check out how Oklahoma is rocking the fall leaves.





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