In less than three weeks, Andrew & I will be on our way to Kauai for 7 days of glorious Thanksgiving vacation with both of our families. We are SO grateful for the opportunity and feel so blessed to get to share in it with all our favorites!

Here’s a glimpse into our plans…

We’re definitely paying the Napali Coast a visit. It’s supposed to be the number 1 thing to see in Kauai, and from the pictures I’ve seen, I can tell why!




I’m hoping we get to see some dolphins! 

Another place to sightsee (and break in our new hiking boots) is Waimea Canyon! We’re considering taking a plane ride that flies over it and some other areas for pretty aerial views…my camera cards will be FULL.


Another activity high on my list is a horseback ride through the mountains that apparently includes a picnic and a hike to a waterfall…uh, yes please.


While the girls are horseback-riding, Andrew & the rest of the guys will probably be doing this…


Apparently mudding on ATVs is a thing there? Dad and Andrew are pretty darn excited. Lol.

And GREAT news people…I’ll be right at home because of this place called Kountry Kitchen.


Chocolate chip pancakes. ;) 


Do I have any readers from Kauai? Or people who’ve been a few times? I’d love to hear your suggestions! 



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