People Blessings – The In-Laws

It’s not too often that you hear someone say, “Oh, I just love my in-laws.” I am blessed to get to say that and be telling the truth. ;) Meet Mom and Dad-in-law, two of my great people blessings.


And this is why they rock.

1. They are always willing to help.

These folks will drive anywhere and move anything if it is helping Andrew & me. They have always been ready to lend a hand if we need it, and they go out of their way to make sure we are taken care of completely.

2. They feed me.

We all know how I value food, right? They value it too…so much so that when they first met me and heard I didn’t like Mexican food, they were considering telling Andrew to dump me. (JK, JK) Luckily, I’ve fallen head over heels for Ted’s fajitas and chips and queso and have been allowed to stay in the family. ;) Haha. I love going out to eat with them because I know I won’t be judged for my love of food. They are always so sweet to take us out or cook for us, and we Boswells are at our best when we have good food. ;)

3. They encourage.

Before I met Andrew, I never imagined that I would be friends with my in-laws. We text each other, we go out to eat, we go shopping…it’s such an encouraging relationship that I’m so grateful for! Both Mom and Dad-in-law are always quick to ask how our days are and give us encouragement.

4. They hang things, buy things, move things, and decorate things. 

Mom-in-law is an interior decorating genius, and Dad-in-law is a master mover and fixer with an astounding pace of getting things done. Combined, they are a super force when it comes to moving. They have helped so much with the whole moving process and helped make our house feel more like home.

5. I literally am treated as daughter. 

They both treat me as if I was their real daughter. I’m part of the inside jokes and the crazy holiday celebrations and the stuffing our faces with pizza while watching the Dallas Cowboys play embarrassing football. I love being part of a second family! I have hopped right in, and sometimes it feels like I’ve always been there. :)

And not to be overlooked, I also inherited a tremendous and hilarious brother-in-law, but he deserves another people blessing post of his own someday, so you’ll have to wait. ;)

Happy Tuesday night, loves!



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