A House Update

I know…it’s been months since we moved in, and I haven’t even shown you most of the inside of my house. My excuse is the busy world of CaitPhoto. ;-P

Allow me to share a few updates. :)


You can’t see the whole office yet because not all the drapes are hung and there’s a Christmas wrapping station in the opposite corner, but here’s a peek. ;) Next on my list after finishing the drapes is buying an office chair that swivels and hanging some more canvases…it’ll be fabulous when finished. :)


And thanks to the in-laws, we now have pretty window treatments in the kitchen! :) 


Navy & turquoise. Forever. Sorry my tablecloth is a bit wrinkly.



And the living room is feeling more home-y too with these babies! :) This fabric is my favorite. (Ignore that little present in the bottom left corner…I’m stashing my wrapped presents there for now until we put our tree up next week.)



If you could zoom in on that mirror, you’d see part of Jack’s pathetic head looking up at me while I was trying to keep him out of my picture. ;) 





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