Photo Faves

I sometimes take it for granted, but most days I think I have the best job ever. I have the privilege of sharing in people’s memories, helping them freeze laughter and capture their happiest and some of their most emotional moments. Those memories go on their walls and in their homes to (hopefully) remind them how blessed they are. I’m grateful for the meaning I find in my job and for the sweet people who trust me with their memories! I blogged a smorgasbord of favorite images from the year over at the CaitPhoto website. Go check them out by clicking here. :)

I’m also thankful for the opportunity my job has given me to capture my own little family’s memories…even if it’s posed with a tripod in the backyard and shot with a remote while trying to wrangle a German shepherd into staying still when there are frisbees to be chased and sticks to be chewed. ;)




I like to think I’ll be looking back at all these five billion pictures we take one day with my kids, telling them stories of how hyper Jack was as a puppy and how Andrew was forced by me to take pictures. I know some of you probably think we take too many, but I’m just making memories, people. ;) 



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