Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m 75% done with my Christmas shopping for this year. (HOLLA) I have a few things to get when we get back from Hawaii, but I knew I would feel rushed and panicked if I waited to do all of it after vacation.

If you’re having trouble getting started with your Christmas shopping, here. Allow me to show you ridiculously good ideas. ;)


1. J Crew jewelry tray – $19.50
2. Old Navy moccasin slippers – $22.94
3. Old Navy “Oh Deer!” top – $10
4. Old Navy pajama pants – $10
5. OPI nail polish – $4 – $10
6. Forever 21 lightning earrings – $1.80
7. Forever 21 glam bib necklace – $12.80

And for the fellas…


1. Old Navy flannel – $15 – $25
2. Target v-neck shirts – $10
3. Man of Steel on blu-ray – $23
4. Tabletop foosball – $20
5. Space Shooter – $10
6. OKC Thunder shirt – $21.95
7. Target Batman pajama pants – $16.99

Clearly, Old Navy is on point this year. They always have a boat load of random little gifts that are perfect for stocking stuffers too. Also, men – you can almost never go wrong with getting your lady pajama pants. They are a valuable gift that says, “I want you to be comfortable.” People…am I the only one who wants to buy their husband tabletop foosball? Hats off to Target. And Forever 21’s jewelry section was designed for frugal people with compulsive shopping disorder – go buy 10 things and don’t feel bad. 

Happy shopping. :)



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