Christmas Prep

We’re having a lazy and mildly snowy Sunday at home, and it’s putting me in a Christmas mood. :)

Thanksgiving feels so late this year, and while I fully enjoy every part of it and don’t want to step on its toes…I may or may not have already decorated for Christmas. TO BE FAIR, we leave in three days for vacation, and I wanted to get it done ahead of time. I assume we will need some Christmas spirit to come home to when we have to leave the beach. ;) And I feel a whole lot better knowing I’ve already bought 75% of my Christmas gifts and won’t have to be in panic mode when we return.

Here’s a sneak peek. I’ll share the rest when it’s actually December. ;)



I plan to add a few snowflakes or doodles on the chalkboard later…


I have the cutest dog aliiiiive.





No lie – Jack walked over to the tree without me telling him to for this picture. What a poser.


Have a happy Sunday loves! :)



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