People Blessings – Dad

I’M BACK! I have 2000 pictures more on my computer and 4 pounds more on my hips. ;) Before I do a recap of all the crazy wonderful memories and overload you with pictures, I had to post a people blessing post that I’ve been saving for the brains behind the Hawaii trip. :) This is my old man, and this is why he rocks.


1. He is creatively and insanely generous.

I’m 100% certain Dad’s primary love language is gift giving. He is forever the king of Christmas and always buys us too many presents. He LOVES to surprise people. He gets a crazy smirk on his face and gets a kick out of the reactions. Our Hawaii trip was obviously a huge surprise, and I think half of his excitement over the trip was getting to see us enjoy it. He has a generous heart and loves to make people happy.

2. He’s an adventurer. 

Out of the three kids in our family, I’m definitely the most like Dad. I’m the biggest Fogelberg fan, the biggest lover of sleep and food, and I have the best jumpshot. ;) Perhaps one of the more dangerous qualities we share is adventuring. My dad likes to explore, and he likes to explore whether or not the sign says “DO NOT CLIMB PAST THIS POINT” or “BEWARE: SHARP ROCKS AHEAD.” And while his sense of adventure may give my mother anxiety attacks, it gives me a sense of pride. I enjoy the exploring and the curiosity and the underlying mild danger. Dad is always up for adventure, and it’s fun to watch.


3. He is a man of integrity.

My parents are the funniest, most genuine people, and I’m so thankful they raised our family in the Lord. Dad has worked in ministry for as long as I can remember, and everywhere he goes – people love him. It’s funny to watch actually. When he tells stories, people listen on the edge of their seat. When he makes jokes, people laugh their heads off. When he meets new people, they automatically like him. He is a genuine man of integrity and tries to make everyone around him comfortable. He’s honest, loves the Lord, and makes good decisions.


(Even dogs love him.) 

4. He loves my Mama.

These two. They’re still in love after 30 years of marriage, and I just can’t get over the cuteness. I’m so blessed by their example. If you ever want to hear an abundance of cute stories, hit up my Mama. She loves to tell them. Dad wooed her with yellow roses and a killer corvette. ;)


5. He is an encourager. 

I’m a photographer because Dad encouraged me to be a photographer. He bought me my first camera, helped me research what lenses I would need, bought me “how to” books, and told me I could make a living out of something that initially terrified me. I remember asking him countless questions and being scared of dropping out of college to work full-time, and he helped me feel better about every decision. He has always been in my corner encouraging me.

Love you old man! ;) Thank you for everything you’ve done and all you continue to do.



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