Things You Should Do

I’m taking a break from the Hawaii posts to share some Caitlin-style wisdom. You’re welcome. ;-P

You should get a Target debit card

It’s free. It is essentially a bank card that you only use at Target. It gives you 5% off every time you shop at Target, and you get free shipping when you use it online. Free shipping is my Achilles heel. I don’t typically go for store cards because they can be a hassle and a junk mail trap, but I haven’t gotten a single email or piece of mail from them since I signed up. And Lord knows I shop at Target all the time anyway…it just makes sense for me to save money every time I do. (Also – I won’t single it out, but you should get the Cartwheel app from Target as well. It’s bomb.)

You should give back a little for Christmas.

If you’re looking for a sweet way to celebrate some Christmas spirit or if you want to give a unique gift, consider donating to missions. One of my favorites is Samaritan’s Purse – click here to see their gift catalog. You can choose from over a dozen gifts to buy for countries across the world – food, water, medicine, sports gear, goats, etc. for people in need. (GOATS. YOU CAN BUY GOATS FOR PEOPLE. I love it.) Another great organization is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. You can donate to support missionaries across the world who are bringing people to Jesus. OR if you want to give a more personal donation, read here about my friend Jason and his sweet wife Rachel who are going to Berlin next year to spread the gospel and make disciples. They would love your prayers and support as well!

You should go to Michael’s for stocking stuffers and random little gifts.

Seriously. They have an entire aisle right now dedicated to stocking stuffers, but even if they didn’t you would be golden because they have another aisle of super cute things priced from $1-$5. They have monogram notecards, fuzzy socks, nice-smelling bath salts, mini pretty frames, and more. (They also have some boy stuff…good news, most of it is superhero-themed.) Go forth and fill stockings for your friends and families.

You should go to Braum’s for ice cream later today.

Ask for a single-scoop (or double-scoop if you’re super hungry) Reese’s candy bar sundae, made with chocolate ice cream and no whipped cream. Trust me – it’s worth the embarrassing amount of words you have to say.

You should watch this video. Right now.

Click on this link and grab a tissue. Also, prepare for your heart to grow three sizes.

You should make crispy cheddar chicken.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it a hundred times, but I’m serious. Here’s your pin. Enjoy the deliciousness. (I use sharp cheddar cheese, the finely shredded kind, and I cut up my chicken breasts into 3 or so pieces.)

You should smile at how cute my dog is.





You should have a fabulous Friday.

Loves you. ALL of you. ;)



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