Hey There, 2014

We rang in the new year with our families in a hotel called Chateau on the Lake, a snazzy little place in the non-sketchy part of Branson. We ate at Lambert’s, played games until we were in physical pain from laughing so hard, and watched fireworks outside the hotel as we were serenaded by a lady playing a bagpipe and a couple of drunk people mumbling. It was great fun, and we’re pretty pumped for 2014. :)




The hotel had these giant gingerbread houses that simultaneously stunned me and made me really hungry. 


And we were obviously meant to be there because they also had turquoise trashcans. I know this picture is ridiculous, but have you ever seen a cuter trashcan!? 


We played Trivial Pursuit with baby sister, a game called “Heads Up” that made us fall on the floor laughing, and my new favorite game Taboo…loads of laughs.


I sure do love being married to this kid. 








Dad met the world’s largest cinnamon roll before we headed home. 


I’m excited for a new year, but I’m pretty sad Christmas is over and all the happy decorations have to be put away! 


Today has been spent catching up on some work and puppy snuggles. Jackers has been extra cuddly, and that’s always okay with me. :) 


On the subject of new years, I’ll confess I hate the word “resolution.” Except when Nicolas Cage says it in National Treasure when he’s solving the riddle on the 200-year old pipe…that’s the only time I find it pleasant. ;-P Andrew and I did talk about our “goals” for this year though. We don’t have anything too major, but it’s always nice to talk about dreams and plans. My big goal this year is to run 300 miles. Not all at once, mind you. ;) Andrew wants to become a master griller and learn to cook a bit. (I think I’m more excited about his goal than mine.) And we’d both like to stay in pretty good shape in all areas…physically, spiritually, emotionally, and grammatically. ;)

Hope you all had a splendid New Year’s! What are your goals this year?



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