Feasts of 2014

This post is really for the people that call themselves Foodies. It’s no secret that Andrew & I love food. Eating is a hobby for us, really. (Thankfully, so is running.) We literally have made a list of all the food we really want to eat in 2014. (I know you’re judging us right now. It’s totally warranted; go ahead.) We left off the fast food places that will obviously be visited, but we added a bunch of places we haven’t been able to try yet (most of the newbies are in the left column), along with some favorites that we just don’t get to visit enough. Here’s to 2014…and good food. ;)


Any locals have more suggestions for us to add?? We might make a second list. ;) And then we’ll exercise. 


P.S. We definitely already crossed off Longhorn. ;)


2 thoughts on “Feasts of 2014

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