Feeling: tired, hopeful, curious, blessed.

Enjoying: extra time with Andrew, time to plan, movie marathons, and a slow January.

Cooking: I made stew in the crock pot for dinner last night…that count?

Reading: Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan (BRILLIANCE).

Wondering: about the future.

Wearing: comfy PJ pants and a v-neck tee. I should probably put real clothes on before I have to leave.

Listening: a load of good songs by Phil Wickham.

Eating: …..smarties…..

Thinking: I have probably run out of blog ideas for slow winter months.

Wanting: chips and queso…and a slice of cookie cake.

Dreaming: a long vacation at the beach or a trip to Disney World.

Waiting: for the time to pass until I go lunch with brother.

Marveling: at God’s love and grace…unfailing and reassuring.

Planning: my birthday, Andrew’s birthday, mini vacas, and beyond.

Hoping: Panera has baked potato soup today…

Looking: at entirely too many things online that I wish I could afford right now.

Smelling: Jack. He desperately needs a bath. I also smell a caramel-flavored candle that is making me hungry.

Loving: Jesus. Andrew. Family. Friends. Dog. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Pizza. 


Happy slow-moving Wednesday. ;)



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