23 List Progress

I have a little less than two months before my dreaded 24th birthday is here and my time to complete my 23 While 23 list is up! I’m currently 9 tasks away from finishing, thanks to yesterday’s ice skating adventure! (Thanks, Groupon.) We literally had an empty ice rink to ourselves, because apparently no one goes ice skating on a Tuesday morning. It was lovely. :)





I’m hoping to get a bunch of other “list” things knocked out in February and a few of the ones that require warmer weather in early March perhaps. And if you all would like to bless my soul, I’d love some suggestions for my next list! ;) I’m not going to make it a list of 24 things, but I would still like to have some fun things to accomplish by age 25. Any ideas?? And just FYI, I have no desire to go skydiving. :-p

Also – look what came in the mail yesterday! :D I’ll take some photos of it today and share more about it tomorrow.


Have a happy Wednesday, lovelies. :)



2 thoughts on “23 List Progress

  1. Suggestions for age 24 and 25….honestly the best gift for me when I turned 24 was that it was my first birthday as a mom :) It also happened to be my “Golden Birthday” of turning 24 on the 24th so it was pretty special. More ideas….road trip with your hubs, take Andrew to the place you were born(East Coast visits can be fun!), read through the entire New Testament, volunteer some place? Just some random ideas.

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