Snow Days

Oh, snow days.

I’m so over the cold, but I will always welcome a day of cancelled work and excessive sleep. It is definitely putting a damper on my diet, however, because I’m convinced no one sticks to healthy food regimens when you’re home all day and it’s this cold. ;) I’m predicting oven pizza for lunch.


If snuggling was considered a winter olympic sport, Jackers & I would so win the gold. 


My living room is the hardest to keep tidy in the winter. Every time I clean up, we decide we need 27 blankets and pillows, a movie marathon, and snacks to clutter it up again. 


Puppy might have just a tad bit of cabin fever. (How wild dog-ish does he look without his collar on?! Fear not, he’s never let outside without a leash.) 



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch more Planet Earth and plan warmer months. ;) How are you spending your snow days? 



One thought on “Snow Days

  1. Kansas got snowed in earlier this week, too! Banjo, my dog, was getting cabin fever too…he’s a bit of a pansy, so it was this constant struggle between “MOM! I’m BORED inside!” and “MOM! It’s COLD outside!”

    Generally, though, our snow days consisted of lots of housework and movie watching and hot cocoa :) Snow days are the BEST, yes?!

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